Suunto's global heatmaps show where their community loves to train across the planet. Discover new roads and trails in your own neighborhood, or find the popular local spots when you are somewhere new.

Karoo 2 gives you the confidence to explore new roads without needing to plan a route in advance. Just connect your Suunto Account on Dashboard, then download heatmaps for where you ride onto your Karoo, and you’re ready to go. The bolder the Heatmap, the more people that have ridden there. 

You can toggle the Heatmaps On / Off when riding.

You can download as many regions as you would like depending on the free space available on your Karoo 2. Click here to see the full list of available Offline Map Sections.

Note: There are a few regions that heatmaps are not available for. Scroll down to see that list.

Here are the steps to download Suunto Heatmaps for a region:

  • On the Home screen, click on the "Apps" button.
  • Click on the "Settings" app.
  • Scroll down and select "Suunto Heatmaps".
  • Tap on the  icon to go to the Offline Maps list.
  • Find the region you need from the dropdowns.
  • Once you find it, tap on it.
  • The Heatmaps for this region will be downloaded and saved.
  • You can now see the Heatmaps while riding within this region.


List of Regions that Heatmaps are unavailable:

  • Africa
    • Guinea Bissau
    • Liberia
    • Saint Helena Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
    • Sierra Leone
    • Togo
  • Australia-Oceania
    • Papua New Guinea
  • South America
    • Falkland Islands


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